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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have 2GB RAM, iPad Pro has 4GB

As usual, Apple didn’t announce the exact technical details about the products it unveiled at its Hey Siri event, but we’ve now been greeted by some important information about the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPad Pro. While the two new smartphones from the Cupertino company have apparently been equipped with 2GB of RAM, the gigantic new tablet has a whopping 4GB of memory.

Apple has never gone beyond 1GB of RAM for its previous-gen iPhones, meaning that the 2GB leap is a pretty big one for the company. And with a number of new features like the always-on Hey Siri support, the 3D Touch functions, 4K video recording and more onboard, the new handsets will indeed be needing that kind of memory to access. A user on Reddit has claimed in a thread that this piece of information has come from an internal Apple website which he/she has access to.

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As for the iPad Pro’s 4GB RAM module, this news has come straight from the mouth of Adobe. It came up with a press release detailing its Creative Cloud mobile apps and how well they work with the new giant of a tablet from Apple. In the process, it suffered from a slip of tongue and revealed that the new iPad comes with 4GB worth of RAM.

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The press release has now been updated, and it no longer shows this particular detail. Although we now have major hints about the exact memory modules present inside the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus and the iPad Pro, all will only be clear when the devices are released into the market and someone does a teardown of their components.

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