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iPhone 6c to ditch Apple’s September 9 event, 5c model to be discontinued

Now that Apple has announced an event for September 9, speculation has begun regarding what will be the exact set of gadgets that will be unveiled at the gathering. Reports had earlier suggested that the new 6S and 6S Plus smartphones will be accompanied by a smaller 6c device as well, but those plans have seemingly been canceled now.

The 6c model is supposed to act as a successor to the iPhone 5c which was launched back in 2013. More importantly, it was supposed to offer a smaller display than the 6S and 6 Plus options, thus pleasing those who aren’t quite excited by the large panels that will form part of the upcoming devices.

9to5Mac has cited its sources while revealing that the handset is not yet ready to ship, and hence plans of showcasing it on September 9 have been scrapped. It has also disclosed that Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 5c on the said date, thus leaving the 5S model to be the only small-screen device in its smartphone range.

Apple iPhone 5c

This will also mean that all the iPhones from Apple’s range will come with fingerprint scanners onboard. To give you a quick lowdown, the range will start with the iPhone 5C, and will include the 6 and 6 Plus models from last year as well. And then of course, there will be the new 6S and 6S Plus devices, completing the lineup.

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That’s a clear prediction right now, but all will only be confirmed when Apple opens the gates to its much anticipated September 9 gathering. Stay tuned till then as we’ll be brining you all the latest from that event.