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iPhone 6C rumors have resurfaced, expect an early release

Apple it seems is all set to bring back the small-sized iPhone with its classic 4-inch display. While vague rumors have been heard about this 6C model in the past, it’s now being said by a credible source that the device will be launched in the middle of 2016.

This is contradictory to the company’s usual smartphone cycle, according to which a new iPhone range is launched in September each year. Word on the Internet is that the iPhone 7 is being considered for an early release by Apple as well. This could lead to the company launching both the 6C and the 7 models on the same date.

As revealed by G 4 Games, IHS analyst Kevin Wang has shared via his Weibo account details regarding the rumored iPhone 6C. He mentions that the phone will come with the Apple A9 chip which forms part of the 6S range currently.

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The only iPhone in the market right now with a 4-inch display is the iPhone 5S, which is what the 6C is most likely to replace. Previous rumors have told us that the iPhone 6C won’t grab a plastic body like the 5C model, but will instead go for a metal design like that of the 5S.

It has also been speculated that this device will ditch the 3D Touch functionality of the 6S range. This is apparently being done in order to keep the exclusivity of the feature in the top-end models.

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As with every upcoming Apple device, the iPhone 6C is expected to be the star of a large number of leaks ahead of its supposed mid-2016 launch; so stay tuned.