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iPhone 6C may very well debut alongside iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

September 9 is widely being speculated to be the date on which the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be unveiled by Apple, and it seems there will be a third smartphone accompanying these two devices. It is being said that the 6C version will be joining the lineup as well.

Fans of medium screen sizes will get the iPhone 6S, while those who adore large displays will have the 6S Plus to consider buying. It’s hence being believed that the iPhone 6C will be aimed to those fans who wish to go for the classic small screen-equipped Apple handset.

It will succeed the iPhone 5C which didn’t quite live up to the company’s expectations due mainly to its awkward pricing. The device was much lower-end than its 5S cousin, leading many to believe its high asking amount was not justified.

iPhone 5C

If some lessons have been learned by Apple through this, it will definitely hope to make the iPhone 6C a much better proposition than its predecessor. There’s no doubt that a fingerprint scanner will indeed be present on it.

It could go back to basics and come equipped with a 4-inch display. The next-gen 6S and 6S Plus models are expected to ship with highly advanced 12MP rear cameras, and it’s highly possible that the 6C model too will bear this snapper.

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A while ago, we had learned that iOS 9 features native support for front facing flash modules. Apple could very well position the 6C as its selfie phone by reserving the 6S and 6S Plus for its usual audiences.

This new information about the iPhone 6C comes from the ever so reliable @evleaks Twitter account. September 9 is likely to be the date on which all will be clear about the new iPhone range; so stay tuned until then.