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iPhone 5S with improved camera, better specs rumored for July


The iPhone 5S with a better rear camera and slightly tweaked specs is reportedly going to be released sometime in the year. This is one of two major upgrades Apple plans to slap onto its flagship mobile device. The tech giant is said to be targeting a summer 2013 launch window, and this isn’t too far off from recent rumors we’ve heard.

Judging by the latest talk about its specs, the iPhone 5S will also get a new processing heart, although it is not clear exactly what kind of a bump up there will be. In terms of the camera upgrade though, we hear that the new imager could possibly be based on Sony’s 13MP sensor. The Japanese company announced the Xperia Z at the 2013 CES and it has a 13MP camera.

Processing Power

Something else that has been ‘dug up’ is that the new device will be denoted by two prototype models apparently dubbed the N51 and the N53, although what they might signify is not clear at the moment. Not much else has been mentioned about the handset, and as we’ve seen with the company’s S model branding in the past, the new phone should retain the current model’s design elements.

If this rumor has even a grain of truth to it, Apple’s move to infuse a better lens in its handset could be in response to the few manufacturers that have already moved on to better snappers. These comprise of Huawei’s Ascend D2 and the ZTE Grand S which is scheduled to release in the US later in the year. Then there are rumored devices which include the likes of HTC’s M7.


According to GottaBeMobile, iLounge has published a new report claiming that the new phone is still months away from production on a large scale, and that it looks likely to come out in July this year. The report also talks about other Apple gadgets such as the iPad 5 and a second generation of the iPad mini.

So to sum up, the iPhone 5S specs will benefit from an improved camera as well as a new or tweaked ticker and is expected to get a launch in the summer, more specifically in July 2013. There have been some tricky rumors to get to grips with, like the recent iPhone Math reveal, and we’ll likely not be indulged by Apple until it is ready to announce something officially.