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iPhone 5S set to debut in August 2013 with April release for new iPad: Report

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5S, an upgraded version of the 5, will come out in August this year, while new iPad models could be seen as early as this April, according to a report. With regard to the latter, we might have to wait for just about a month to see the iPad 5 as well as a new version of the mini.

The iPhone 5S should have the same basic design as the 5, just as the 4S resembled the iPhone 4. However, it is expected to incorporate a bumped up processor as well as a more capable camera, if the latest talk is to be believed.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans have apparently told iMore that the 5S will sport a thinner casing but that quality remains unaffected, if it hasn’t been bettered. The sources seem to suggest that the aim here is once again to raise the bar in terms of the photography experience it offers.


The bit about the next generation iPad variants coming in April seems shaky and is definitely less convincing. But the website thinks that since renders have already begun getting the odd leak or two, it makes sense if the fifth generation of the 9.7-inch tablet is imminent. It also says that this will feature the most extensive design changes of the new line of products.

Speculation is that if the Cupertino-based giant does release a new iPad mini model sometime around April, then it will most likely have better specs while keeping the same form factor and basic look. This means that no major design changes are expected, but the addition of a Retina display has been widely rumored in the next iteration.

So what can be taken away from all this Apple talk? Well, most of the information matches other leaks, speculation and rumors. But one thing is different here, and that is the time frame for a release. And we could also see something of an iOS improvement in 2013 instead of sticking to hardware upgrades (for the most part).


Whether or not we will see the iPhone 5S this August or new versions of the iPad just next month still remains anybody’s guess. Until someone leaves a 5S in a coffee shop somewhere, that is. And that Samsung is gearing up to unveil something (read: the Galaxy S4) pretty soon makes this rumor that much more plausible, although it is still just that – a rumor.