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iPhone 5S to have July release date, June 20 unveiling: Report

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There has been much talk about the next big thing from Apple, and now a report has the iPhone 5S release date to go along with an unveiling on June 20. The device, long thought to be on the minds of company executives, is rumored to go on sale soon after said unveiling, but it is not known exactly what kind of upgrade we are to expect.

The 4S added a better camera with a little more functionality, as well as the famous Siri. Previous rumors about the 5S suggested that it could come in August with an updated processor, among other things such as a thinner casing. And just like the 4S, it should have a more capable camera.

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Apple launched the iPhone 5 is September last year with a ton of improvements, not in the least its larger screen and new OS. And although most of the phone’s features had people queuing up to grab one at launch, many in-built traits didn’t go down particularly well with fans, especially those who had been loyal to the company for a long time.

There were issues with the camera, which would display a purple flare every time it was pointed towards a light source at an angle, on account of the sapphire crystal used. Then there was the saga with the Cupertino company’s maps application, which was buggy to say the least. But Google came to the rescue with another version of its own app for the platform.

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According to CNET, Japanese website MacFan proposes that Apple is to hold an event on June 20, where it is expected we will see the next iDevice launched. And Electronista does one better to suggest that the handset will go on sale a few weeks later. In fact, the rumor goes on to talk about on the hyped low-cost iPhone set for arrival in August, targeting emerging markets such as India and China.

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Whether or not the iPhone 5S makes it to the global stage on June 20 remains to be seen, but it is not too far off from what many industry analysts have been saying. And the event would come just after Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which typically takes place in the second week of the month.


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