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iPhone 5s getting no love from Apple, may be discontinued

iPhone 5s

Now that the 4-inch iPhone SE is here, who needs the 5s? Apple might just be thinking along these lines seeing as the outdated iPhone 5s is getting no love from the company. The official Apple website has stopped showing the listing for said smartphone under its iPhone category and even performing a search for it through the portal does not throw up any product page for the model.

It makes sense considering that the newly launched iPhone SE has a 4-inch Retina screen just like the 5s, while boasting of more advanced features. Apple hasn’t announced a reduction in the price of the older device, but online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon.com are selling it much lower rates than before. If there’s one party who’s likely to be much affected by the news, it’s Samsung.

The South Korean company introduced its Galaxy S7 (Rs 48900) and S7 Edge (Rs 56900) lineup into the market only a few days ago. The iPhone SE costs Rs 39000 and will be available on April 8. Whether it’s in India or abroad, there are a load of people who will gladly take the iOS handset just for the sake of owning an Apple device; even if it doesn’t have a large, curved display on it.

Not only does Samsung have to reckon with the somewhat affordable iPhone SE, it may also have to recalculate its projected sales figures based on the likelihood of losing a customer to the now much cheaper iPhone 5s. Apple hasn’t said anything about discontinuing the latter. As GSM Arena notes, it isn’t surprising since the SE and 5s look similar, but the former is more powerful.

The iPhone SE packs in a 4-inch 640 x 1136p Retina display, Apple A9 processor, 16GB or 64GB memory, a 12MP main camera, a 1,2MP front-facing lens and a 1642mAh battery. The iPhone 5s chugs along on an A7 chip, lower RAM and comparably lower photography capabilities.