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iPhone 5S, 5C to have October 25 release date

The iPhone 5S and C smartphones will be release on October 25 if the latest buzz around town is to be believed. The successor to the current flagship and the cheaper alternative are both expected to go official in the second week of September and will then hit shelves nearly six weeks later which is quite a long wait.

Phone Arena is reporting based on details provided by Techmaniacs that the reason behind the delay is due to work being carried out on the upcoming fifth generation iPad and the iPad mini 2. The iPhone 5S has been in numerous rumors over the past few months. While its design is said to be the same as the current smartphone, the company will carry out certain modifications to make the upcoming one faster and better than its predecessor. They include a snappier A7 processor, an improved 8MP camera for better low-light imagery, a larger battery and a fingerprint sensor under the home button.

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The iPhone 5C will be touted as a mid-range smartphone, a purpose which is now being served by the 4S and 4 models. There isn’t much information on this device as yet, but the company has apparently opted to reduce the overall build quality from something premium to a mediocre level.

The iPhone 5C is said to be crafted from plastic, while the processor powering up the phone will arrive from Qualcomm instead of the company’s own A series chipsets. The exact AP module hasn’t been disclosed. Apart from these, the device should arrive in the usual 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage configurations. A previous report has pegged this handset with retail prices of $349, $449 and $549, respectively.

For reminder’s sake, the September 10 launch and October 25 release date for the iPhone 5 and 5C are based on speculation.