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iPhone 5 at half its price with a trade-in is how Best Buy is celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day is approaching, but Best Buy couldn’t wait till then to introduce a luring iPhone 5 offer which lets you trade in your old Apple device and gain a 50 percent minimum discount on the new model. Starting today, this offer will be valid through Monday, and it has come at a time when Apple itself is apparently gearing up for its own massive trade-in program. With the iPhone 5S and the 5C expected to be released this month, it could be a good way for Best Buy to rid itself of its old stock, as observed by Apple Insider.

There’s a small little catch affixed to the whole deal however. All those to wish to avail of the trade-in program will need to get their new iPhone 5 allied to a two-year agreement with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. Only the 4 and 4S models of the device are eligible for the deal, and all those who decide to surrender them will get ‘at least’ 50 percent off on the new iPhone 5, provided that the old device powers on and is free from water damage and screen cracks.

iPhone 5

Those who wish to buy the $199 priced 16GB version of the newest Apple smartphone will win a guaranteed minimum $100 trade-in credit after surrendering their old phones, thus bringing the price down to $99. Same applies to the 32GB model as well, which will have at least $150 knocked off its price. The 64GB variant has not been made eligible for the deal. If a product is in better condition than expected, the extra amount will be granted to the customers in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

While this program will be limited only till Labor Day, Apple’s supposed Reuse and Recycle system is scheduled to be implemented on a large scale soon. To learn more about it, read our earlier report.


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