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iPhone 15 Series To Feature Proximity Sensor Inside Dynamic Island Area

apple-logo Apple will reportedly put the proximity sensor within the Dynamic Island feature (the pill-shaped area at the top of the display which includes the front facing camera and Face ID sensors) in the forthcoming iPhone 15 series smartphones.

According to Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the proximity sensor on the “iPhone 15” series will be integrated inside the “Dynamic Island” area, instead of sitting below, as it does on the iPhone 14.

“While all iPhone 15 models adopt a similar Dynamic Island design as the iPhone 14 Pro, the difference lies in the placement of the proximity sensor,” Kuo tweeted.

“In the iPhone 14 Pro, the proximity sensor is located under the display (outside the dynamic island). Conversely, in the iPhone 15 series, the proximity sensor is situated within the dynamic island, with almost no change to the Dynamic Island area,” he noted.

The proximity sensor detects when the user holds the phone up to their ear and turns off the screen.

Meanwhile, Apple will apparently not integrate the under-display Face ID feature within the iPhone until 2025 or later.

According to display analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 15 Pro will not feature under-display Face ID because of certain technical issues.

We might not see it until the iPhone 17 Pro, or whatever else Apple names its 2025 iOS smartphone.