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8 Best iPad Travel Apps

Best iPad Travel Apps

With some of the best iPad travel apps from our roster packed into your tablet, you’re all set to begin your globetrotting escapades. As St. Augustine quite aptly put it, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’ So why not satisfy your voyage cravings by outfitting your Apple gadget with some reliable software options that would aid you all along your exciting journeys? Proving to be great travel companions, the apps cover various subjects like converting currency and finding the best restaurants and tourist sites while on the move. No need to stop and ask for directions from the local crowd the next time you find yourself lost in a strange place.

1 – MapsWithMe Lite:

MapsWithMe Lite

We start the list by throwing in a very useful app that wouldn’t even cost you a penny. MapsWithMe Lite comes in quite handy when you’re abroad and want to refrain from using online maps as they may extort roaming charges. Even if there is no mobile network connection, you can still lay hands on these guides to find your way around town. How, you may ask. Maps pertaining to various countries, regions, towns and cities are stored locally in your iPad and hence can be accessed at any given point of time and from anywhere around the globe. Of course, the crucial ‘You Are Here’ pointer exploits the device’s compass and GPS positioning to locate just where you are. This entry eliminates the need to port around those troublesome paper maps from local gas stations.

Price: Free

2 – uPackingList:


Have you ever had the feeling that you might be forgetting something while sitting aboard an aircraft? Yes, we’ve all had that sort of apprehension at some point of time during our overseas trips. The uPackingList app which is next in our iPad travel apps roster not only lowers the chances of leaving something behind, but also aids in speedy packing. Be it a business trip, family vacation or just a little holiday for unwinding, the software lets you create unlimited lists covering the various items as well as the tasks that are needed to be done before embarking on your journey. It also includes a carefully thought-out catalogue that comprises of around 300 things and a customizable integrated items catalogue. As you pack each article that’s on your roster, you can seamlessly mark them off the list.

Price: $1.99

3 – World Explorer:

World Explorer

World Explorer is an essential worldwide travel guide that’s wrapped up neatly into an app for your Apple tablet. Hoarding more than 350,000 articles, the offering is your window to acquiring information based on different places, museums and monuments strewn all across the planet. Seen a tourist spot you like? All you’ve got to do is opt for the name and the article opens on Wikipedia, complete with pictures and detailed explanations of the desired location. You can also localize it on a map and get your coordinates in the form of kilometers and miles for a more authentic experience. So the next time you want to pay a visit to the UK, the US, Italy, France, Germany or any other country, you can trust World Explorer to provide you with thorough insights on the respective landmarks and their ratings.

Price: $2.99

4 – XE Currency:

XE Currency

The free and simple currency calculator christened the XE Currency app is a great addition to our fine array of iPad travel apps. When the need arises to convert your money to the local cash denomination be it Rupee, Pound, Euro, Peso, Dirham Rial, Shilling, Won, Dinar Franc or Ruble, this software will indeed do the needful. Live currency rates, charts and precious metals are just some of the features you can expect the app to provide while on the move. Although the live rates are refreshed every minute, you can even access the required numbers via the last updated rates stored for use when the internet lets you down. And in order to reset the rates, you can simply give your iPad a good shake.

Price: Free

5 – Urbanspoon:


If you are a true connoisseur visiting a new place, then even while the aircraft is still taxing on the runway, you simply can’t wait to step out of the airport and taste the scrumptious local cuisine. But how do you possibly find good restaurants in which to dine at on arrival? Well, aiding you in this endeavor is the Urbanspoon app which employs GPS to zero in on an eatery near you.

YouTube video

It provides you with results that are filtered by categories like preferred cuisine, neighborhood and even price. Through this app, you can make reservations, browse through local restaurants and acquire reviews and ratings for the place from bloggers and newspapers. This software option is great for checking out restaurants spread across the expanses of the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Price: Free

6 – Kayak Mobile Pro:

Kayak Mobile Pro

With Kayak Mobile Pro sitting snug in your Apple slab, planning your next vacation won’t prove to be that tedious. This offering in our iPad travel apps roster allows you to compare hotel, flight and car rental deals right from your very own tablet. Booking your hotel can also be carried out directly via the app. In addition to this, you can track your flight status, view airport terminal maps and even manage your trip itinerary. What’s more, all these features are served via sharp retina graphics for the new iPad, Facebook login with Facebook app and ARC memory management. Although this is an ad-free delight, a free version of the same can also be procured.

Price: $0.99

7 – Google Translate:

Google Translate

Most often, whenever you step onto foreign soil, you will be greeted by the inhabitants in their local dialects. They may scream out things like Jambo, Namaste, Bonjour, Ciao, Dobroye Utro and you’ll be left clueless as to what they’re trying to convey. This is where Google Translate plays its part. Knowing the neighborhood language will certainly provide an added advantage while roaming the streets of that respective place and even mingling with the indigenous population.

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This offering has the ability to translate words and phrases for over 60 languages. For most of them, your words even get translated by simply speaking into the tablet rather than typing them down. Some of the vernacular options included here are Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Dutch, Filipino, German, French, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish among many others.

Price: Free

8 – Travel Guide & Journal:

Travel Guide & Journal

Noted to be a new kind of travel journal, the Travel Guide & Journal app enables you to precisely document the various places visited and numerous paths treaded as well as snap photos and add comments. All your fantastic escapades can be synced with your account on mobilytrip.com for friends and family to virtually follow all your adventures. The application even works offline and includes an integrated map of sorts. It’s great for jotting down your holiday experiences and even decorating them with personal pictures snapped all along the way.

Price: Free


So gather up all those frequent flier miles, download the options mentioned in our best iPad travel apps lineup and get ready to explore new cities and countries. And with most of the aforementioned delights entering absolutely free of cost, you can give them all a try on your next holiday to the Bahamas or sightseeing trip to Venice. Just remember to pack along your iPad. Do let us know which ones came in handy while you were soaking up the sun overseas.