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7 Best iPad Print Apps

Best iPad Print Apps

The following 7 best iPad print apps know exactly how to take advantage of the Apple tablet’s AirPrint feature. Be it the popular printer manufacturers or third party developers, a wide number of print apps have been created to suit the needs of all. And here we have managed to come up with a list that includes the best ones the App store has to offer. Take a look.

1 – Epson iPrint:

iPrint by Epson

This application from Epson is well suited to those who already own a wireless Epson printer or are contemplating on buying one. Besides pictures, it lets you print web pages as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files, even from email attachments. Users can also scan their documents with the help of the iPrint application to save it on the iPad or forward it as an email.

And that’s not all. It also supports online cloud services such as Dropbox, box and Evernote for added convenience. Along with choosing different options to obtain the best quality print, it also proves helpful with purchasing ink and other required materials for the printer.

2 – PrintCentral:


Next application on our list of iPad print apps is the PrintCentral. One of the main advantages of this app is its ability to print through most wireless and Wi-Fi enabled printers, regardless of whether they support AirPrint or not. And if the Wi-Fi network is not available, you can utilize 3G or EDGE networks to get your work done. Besides letting users directly open files from other applications, it allows opening documents in iWork for editing purposes.

This app also supports cloud services and transfers documents to PCs and Macs over Wi-Fi. It features a built-in app to facilitate printing email attachments and forwarding documents through emails.

3 – ePrint:


The ePrint application is meant for ink-jet printers and similar to most other applications, it prints web pages, downloaded images, photos, contacts, notes, PDF files and more. The software claims to completely negate the need for computers. Offering support for shared printers by Mac, it lets you print several pages and customize each with a border or adjustable paper size, orientation, sepia change formats, colors and more. It requires Wi-Fi network and is capable of printing email attachments. Users can also preview the image before printing it out.

4 – DocPrinter:


The DocPrinter app takes our lineup of iPad print apps a bit further. It promises to make browsing, transferring and also printing a breeze. Photos, web pages, documents and more can be printed through a number of cloud services such as iDisk, WebDAV, Cloud servers and Dropbox as well as Mac, PCs and FTP websites. The ‘Open in’ function lets you print files directly from other applications which also feature this option. Besides AirPrint printers, it also supports direct printing through via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and network. And needless to say, all your email attachments can take advantage of this application.

5 – Print Magic HD:

Print Magic HD

The Print Magic HD for both editions of the iPad, is another app that prints with the assistance of the Wi-Fi network. It claims to lend support to over 1000 printers, wired and wireless. Be it pictures, emails or PDF documents, this app prints them all. Additionally, the copy pasted text from various other applications can also be printed through it. And all one needs to do to print a webpage is copy the URL and launch the Print Magic and the app is good to go. Users can directly print pictures from their photo library and customize them the way they want in terms of size or pinch, zoom and crop to acquire desired results.

6 – Fax Print and Share:

Fax Print and Share

As the name suggests, this next app on our roster of iPad print apps facilitates printing, faxing and sharing documents, pictures and more. The list of supported formats is inclusive of PDF, TIFF, text, HTML, Open Office, GIF, Word, Excel and bitmap amongst others. It prints documents in all these formats to network or shared printers without the need for additional software and supports printers from most well known brands. And without subscribing, you can fax to over 220 countries. Besides supporting web based files, it is also compliant with cloud services like Dropbox, Box and MobileMe.

7 – Printer Pro:

Printer Pro

This application either works wirelessly with Wi-Fi enabled printers or through those attached to Mac and PCs with a little assistance from helper applications on these systems. As it appears in the ‘Open in’ list, the app allows printing from various other applications like Safari, Mail, ReaddleDocs or through cloud based services like GoogleDocs, MobileMe, iDisk and more. And all that is needed to print a web page is changing the http to phttp in the address bar and the document will automatically open in Printer Pro. The software supports PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, TXT, HTML, JPG formats amongst others.

So that was our comprehensive list of the best iPad print apps which must have given you a fair idea about what these applications are capable of. Drop in a line to let us know which of the above mentioned apps you would download for your beloved Apple tablet.