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Best iPad Organizer Apps

Best iPad Organizer Apps

Now that we’ve got a catalog comprising of the 6 best iPad organizer apps, you’re sure to get things done in a timely manner without missing out on anything important. Owing our busy lives, we sometimes tend to forget a thing or two in our regular schedule. And if there’s a task on priority involved, forgetting things might end up getting pretty messy. So to prevent you from not remembering stuff like everyday chores and things that you’ve got to do, these tools are likely to be of some assistance in getting your daily agenda worked out in no time.

1. TripIT –


When planning a business trip, there’s obviously a lot going on in your head. And while getting things in order, we’re all bound to make a few errors. Well, with an application like TripIT, you’re likely to have your mind at peace. To make that happen, this app allows you to fill in your travel details and in return, it provides all the information in one single layout. What’s more, you can make a reservation in any desired place and view it on your tablet by simply forwarding the conformation email to the company’s server. At present, over 3,000 booking sites including cruises, restaurants, concerts and much more are supported. And for a subscription of $49 a year, the company is offering much more enhanced features that are said to be helpful, especially for frequent travelers. The TripIT price tag reads at $3.99 on the App Store.

2. CalPad –


Next entrant in our lineup of iPad organizer apps is CalPad. Most of us plan our agenda well in advance. And at times, a few uncalled events tend to pop up in between. So keeping track of all these activities can really be a hassle. Well, that where this application can prove to be useful. Through its offerings, you can create a list of things to do an entire month in advance.

On creating a daily schedule, it lets you calculate and view precisely how much free time you have left in hand. For added convenience, all details fed can be viewed in different layouts such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or as a list. The CalPad price sums up to $6.99 on iTunes.

3. Complete Class Organizer –

Complete Class Organizer

One of the most noted problems faced by college students in missing out on notes. Well, you can’t blame them entirely. To provide a helping hand, the Complete Class Organizer app allows you to conveniently take notes by converting recorded lectures into text. Besides this, you can organize your homework according to exam dates and even calculate as well as store grades for each semester. The feature list doesn’t end just yet – the application comes bundled with Google Docs integration, a backup and restore system, PDF and document viewer as well as print and email capabilities. The Complete Class Organizer price amounts to $3.99 on the App Store.

4. LifeTopix –


Amongst all the other tools we could have chosen, LifeTopix appeared viable as one amongst the choicest iPad organizer apps. And sticking to our decision, this application comes bearing a number of features that allow you to plan events, take audio and video notes, search for shopping centers or services and much more. If you’re low on home supplies, in need of medical assistance or you just need something to organize your accounts, this particular app seems to have it all covered. For security measures, all data can be backed up and restored with services like MobileMe or Dropbox. The LifeTopix price on iTunes stands at $4.99.

5. Todo –


Just as its name suggests, the Todo application is developed to manage all your tasks in one simple way. Owing to the tablet’s large display, the app flaunts a real planner-like interface that makes navigating between functions somewhat convenient. The feature list comprises of multiple reminder alerts, landscape support, and sharing capabilities via email.

And for the sake of security, there is a passcode lock to prevent anyone other than yourself from viewing your information. You can also synchronize all content with Todo Online, Dropbox, iCal, MS Outlook, Toodledo and iCloud. The Todo price tag reads at $4.99 on the App Store.

6. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

To end our compilation, we’ve got the Cozi Family Organizer up on our iPad organizer apps list as well. Catering to the needs of an entire family, each member can access content through a computer or mobile device and stay on schedule with their daily tasks. Through the shopping list feature, you can update all required items by adding a few more in and ticking off the concerned ones after picking them up. The family calendar maintains an entire schedule for the month and is automatically updated through a Cozi account, the moment someone adds in a new appointment. There are also a to-do list to keep you is sync with daily chores as well as a family journal to save those precious moments and it’s all for free.

By putting together this list of the six best iPad organizer apps, we’re somewhat convinced that you’re likely to make it through those tight schedules. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to the App Store and give some of the aforesaid applications a try. And if our roster did turn out to be helpful, do drop in a few words.