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8 iPad Navigation Apps

iPad Navigation Apps

Our lineup of iPad navigation apps will definitely see to it that you do not end up losing your way if your beloved tablet accompanies you on a journey. Besides turn-by-turn voice guidance to desired locations, we’ve included tools that could cut down on your commute time by suggesting alternative routes. The App Store is full of such navigators, but we’ve shortlisted a few, just for your consideration. Take a look.

1 – MotionX GPS Drive HD:

MotionX GPS Drive HD

If you wish to transform your Apple slate into a navigation solution, head to iTunes and download MotionX GPS Drive HD. While the program claims to keep its map data updated at all times, it has also been bestowed with HD voice clarity for spoken instructions. Besides real time and predictive traffic, it includes local search, Wikipedia and extends support to both portrait as well as landscape modes.

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Some other features include iPod integration to facilitate listening to podcasts and music, magnetic compass, multi-stop routing and an option to share your location with friends through email or Twitter.

Price: $2.99

2 – Inrix Traffic:

Inrix Traffic

The second alternative on our roster claims to help you with avoiding traffic and frustration to make sure that you never get late. It lets you decide the route you should take to reach faster depending on the traffic, the data regarding which, is collected everyday from close to 100 million drivers.

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You can easily share your Inrix arrival time with any of your contacts and it features a Traffic Forecast Slider that recommends the best departure time.

Price: Free

3 – Waze Social GPS & Traffic:

Waze Social GPS

This is program lets you connect with fellow commuters from your area and share traffic reports with them, on the move. In addition to turn-by-turn voice guidance and speech recognition, the application informs you about approaching police traps, road hazards, speed cams and heavy traffic. Moreover, it also offers a live map and re-routes based on the road conditions.

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You can easily share your location with friends through text messages or emails and the tool encourages you to actively share traffic updates with other subscribers of the program. It is integrated with social networks like Twitter, Facebook and foursquare too.

Price: Free

4 – Beat the Traffic:

Beat The Traffic

This redesigned program has especially been optimized to suit the Retina display and claims to be one of the simplest ways to beat traffic. Meant for the US and Canada, it boasts of an accurate traffic map and brings real-time information regarding roadwork or accidents on the way.

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Additionally, it allows you to set up alerts to warn you about traffic delays and lets you access traffic camera images in as many as 34 cities in the aforementioned countries.

Price: Free

5 – Scout by Telenav:

Scout By Telenav

Taking our list a bit further is Scout by Telenav, which claims to act as a trusted friend to give you important and customized information. Like some of the aforementioned alternatives, it features automatic re-routing and real-time traffic information. The software comes with options like My Dashboard, My Routes, My Places, My Traffic, My Music, My Favorites and more for personalization.

Price: Free

6 – iMap HD:

iMap HD for iPad

This program can be seamlessly integrated with your device’s address book and uses the internal GPS to display the locations of friends in your contact list. Initially the app relied on the built-in GPS to track your starting location, but now it allows you to manually punch in the required details. It lets you select either the list view or the map view and generates driving directions if you tap on one of the contacts that show up on the map. Additionally, you can integrate a list of your favorite points of interest onto the iMap for instantly locating the nearest venue.

Price: $9.99

7 – City Maps 2Go:

City Maps 2Go

The next program on our queue is City Maps 2Go, that also offers access to maps in case of no internet or Wi-Fi connection. Optimized for the Retina display, it lets you launch a search to find streets and routes in your city.

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You can spot your location through passive GPS, bookmark your favorite venues and find as many as thousands of points of interest. And if that’s not enough, it gives you access to hotels as well as their ratings and an in-app purchase lets you read Wikipedia articles from this software itself.

Price: $0.99

8 – Navigon:


And the last program in our array is Navigon, that boasts of a simple, intuitive user interface which supports both portrait and landscape screen orientations. Besides precise spoken announcements, it tags along features like lane assistant pro, real road signs, intelligent address entry, 2D and 3D map display and text-to-speech function amongst a host of others. Integrated Google Search and an option to receive regular map updates further add to its usability.

Price: $59.99

So here’s where we bring our list of iPad navigation apps to an end. Which one of these would you prefer install on your Apple slate?