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iPad Mini release date is speculated for October 17

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Off late, Apple seems to be a bit on the careless side when it comes to keeping secrets and considering that the iPhone 5 rumors were mostly precise, the same could happen with the iPad Mini release date as well as its specifications.

Based on the horde of rumors flooding the web, Gizmodo has managed to pull together a comprehensive list of possibilities related to the 7-inch Apple tablet. Since the device is a smaller variant, why not start with the appearance? According to reports, the slate isn’t likely to retain the design language adopted for the larger versions. In fact, it could be more inspired by the iPhone. The bezel running around the screen is expected to be at a minimum, measuring 7.85 inches diagonally.

Unlike the latest generation Apple slate and smartphone, the iPad Mini might not arrive with a Retina display. But considering that the Kindle Fire HD can pack in a 216ppi 720p touch panel for a budget-friendly price, the question of which type of screen the company will implement here is still in debate. Another noteworthy feature is the migration from a 4:3 aspect ratio to something like 4.5:3, based on leaked images.

Coming to the technical details, the device should employ a similar set of components previously seen in the iPad 2. The innards are likely to include 512MB of RAM and the Lightning port in place of the 30-pin connector. Going by speculations, the device appears to even have a rear-facing camera. And considering that the latest generation iPod touch has an A5 dual core processor, Apple could slip the same 32nm SOC into the small tablet.

Like we said before, most iPhone 5 rumors have been spot on. So if things turn out the same way, the aforementioned attributes should just be the building blocks implemented within Cupertino’s 7-inch tablet. Coming to the price details, we’re assuming that the slate could retail somewhere between the latest iPod touch and iPad 2 price points, which should be anywhere from $300 to $400. And where the iPad Mini release date is concerned, it’s likely to fall a week or two after October 17, which is the speculated date for the company’s unveiling event.