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Apple iPad Case Review

Apple iPad Case

If you eavesdropped into conversations about silken textures and leather drapes at an electronic store about a decade ago, the discussion could’ve seemed extremely irrelevant then. Not so true anymore as numerous companies have been tailoring embroidered outfits to tightly hug technological innovations in the realm. Apple, for one, has upped the fashion quotient for peripherals like covers, folios and other peripherals with its aesthetically designed devices. So as we got the iPad into our work space, a case accompanied it to enhance the comfort and beauty of the tablet. While the portable computing system moved from hand-to-hand, a quick assessment of the Apple iPad Case relayed in the background only to turn into a detailed analysis. Here’s our review with a comprehensive account of the iPad Case from Apple’s house.

As we’d mentioned in our previous iPad review, the tablet does not require any introduction whatsoever. However, this first-party accessory for the device is little known. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you scrunch up your eyes or frown at these creations from the tech wizard. We realized this while we traversed through our office corridors flaunting the tablet at the drop of a hat. The constant need to do so called for a folio and a case. Though the Apple iPad Case envelops the device like school books wrapped in a brown paper cover, it seemed a safe measure and appropriately so.

Not a colorful dash of display like the device’s screen, the Apple iPad Case has been drenched in a black hue from head to toe. Fashioned in a file-styled, open door mechanism, it is sculpted from a wet-suit like material with a rubberized texture on the outer surface and the left hand side interior. The frontal layer of this dressing has a sturdy structure with an Apple logo entrenched right at the center whereas the back panel makes way for suppleness.

The inner right hand side of the case has been crafted from a soft microfiber as the aforesaid fabric protrudes inwards on the edges to render a strong grip for placing the device. There is also an extension flap within the case to safely placate the iPad once it has been slipped into the framed periphery. Initially, sliding the product in and out of the case is easier said than done but you slowly get accustomed to it until the cover loosens up a bit. In terms of functionality, it reels out an appropriate protection to the device without much ado.

Additionally, the case has suitable cutouts which enable you to charge the iPad, adjust volume as well as easily access the on/off switch, 3.5mm audio jack and SIM card slot. However, what seems absurd is that it does not unfold a leeway to station the product on a dock while the device dons this garb. Additionally, the cover takes up dust way too easily which requires you to clean it at regular intervals through the day. Besides, the device’s price tag worth Rs. 2,500 seems much higher than its aptitude, especially with similar or even low-priced third-party peripherals stretching out identical satisfaction.


It extends well-engineered protection to the device while comfortably executing its function as a suitable carrying case.

The offering sports appropriate cutouts which make it possible for users to connect their earphones or even charge the iDevice while being draped in the cover.


The design of the Apple iPad Case is a tad too plain and falls short as opposed to the iPad’s élan. The choice of its fabric is out of place as well.

The pricing of the product hits above the ledge, shifting the balance of favor whereas the integrated in-case flap comes across to serve small purpose.

Our Shout


Compared to third-party trimmings for the iPad, this Plain Jane styled-case puts up a simplistic show. It also expediently renders protection to the device while dressing the tablet for a decent presentation. A simple black sheet made out of a soft material, the folio packed alongside the case performs competently as well. Finally, the Apple iPad Case has earned a rating of 7.5 on 10 for its overall design and functionality.