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7 Best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

Best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

Here’s a list of the 7 best iPad Bluetooth keyboards, because it’s understandable that it may not be easy for some of you to give up the clickety clack of the conventional keyboard, even when you are offered the serene option of a touchscreen one. Honestly, we don’t see how is it wrong to long for the ease and speed provided by keypads, especially when you have some serious typing or gaming to attend to. Our lineup might also help you to choose what more would you want with a keyboard. Maybe a protective case for the slate? Or even some added portability, perhaps?

1. Belkin Keyboard Folio–

Belkin Keyboard Folio

How about a keyboard case which acts as a stand as well? If you are not very keen on keeping your iPad dressed in the Smart Cover all the time, then the Belkin Keyboard Folio provides a multi-functional case for the second generation slate. It acts as cover for the iPad 2 and converts into a stand when opened fully. All of this comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, of course. The keypad boasts of TruType keys, which are expected to give it the look and feel of a PC keyboard. The battery keeps you typing for up to 60 hours, and also offers a standby time of approximately 2,000 hours. And when you need to juice it back to life, all you are expected to do is plug in a USB cable and connect it to an available PC or laptop.

Price: $99.99

2. Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth mobile keyboard –

Verbatim Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re the kind who likes to flaunt the tablet without any additional accessory sometimes, then the Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth mobile keyboard does a good job of hiding away when it is not needed. Accompanied by a carrying case, this gadget can be easily folded, packed in, and then stashed in a safe place or just carried along separately. Other than the sophisticated black color, this keypad is also dressed in a classy shade of white.

It is incorporated with a stand to hold the iPad which slides back when not in use. This peripheral is also compatible with the iPhone, and the Bluetooth capabilities allow it to be paired with up to six gadgets simultaneously.

Price: $58.99 on Amazon presently and $104 on Verbatim

3. Targus AKB32US –

Targus AKB32US

At a time when the world seems obsessed with sleekness, gadgets are making every possible attempt to exhibit the same and our compilation of iPad Bluetooth keyboards has a worthy contender for the position. The Targus AKB32US sports a depth of merely 0.7 inch, while the length and width are 11.25 inches and 4.75 inches, respectively.

The embedded battery is expected to grant it a life of up to 7 months, and the indicator light will tell you when the device is about to doze off. You can keep the iPad anywhere within a range of 33 feet, and the keyboard will connect with it using the Bluetooth technology.

Price: $63.99

4. Genius LuxePad 9000 –

Genius LuxePad 9000

The Genius LuxePad 9000, draped in serene white, is another product in the roster which shows off a slim, sleek body. It features scissor-type keys, which are said to offer smooth input and tactile feedback. The company has designed some dedicated keys as well, which enable users to access specific iPad functions at a single touch. It utilizes Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and is compatible with iOS 4. The prescribed operating range of this device is 30 feet and it ships with two AAA alkaline batteries.

Price: $59.99.

5. Blurex D-Lux Leather iPad Folio Keyboard V2 –

Blurex D-Lux

For all those who consider themselves a part of the suave, tech-imbued crowd and need their iPad to be secured is some tough yet classy drape all the time, the Blurex D-Lux Leather iPad Folio Keyboard V2 comes across as a suitable option. With a design somewhat similar to the first name in our list of iPad Bluetooth keyboards, this one differs from it in terms of its leather exterior which lends it a serious, business-class look. When closed down, the folder-like appearance is augmented by a magnetic closure which also keeps the interiors protected. And the landscape style stand is adjustable in terms of angle and height.

Price: $79.99

6. Logitech Tablet Keyboard For iPad –

Logitech Tablet Keyboard

We’ve seen some structural modifications in this compilation, made to suit the ergonomic needs of users in today’s times. The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad appears to be a strong competitor to others when it comes to space saving and enhanced portability. The keyboard sports an eye-pleasing color combination of black and silver and a noticeably slim form factor too. It comes along with a rigid carrying case which doubles up as a horizontal as well as a vertical stand for the iPad. The keypad is equipped with media controls like play, pause, volume up/down to let you enjoy one touch access to music on the slate without disturbing the touchscreen. The product ships with 4 pre-installed AAA batteries.

Price: $69.99

7. Apple Wireless Keyboard –

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Won’t the list seem somewhat incomplete without a contribution from the house of Apple as well? So for ardent members of the fan club, we have the Apple Wireless Keyboard featuring in our lineup of iPad Bluetooth keyboards. The silver-white peripheral is compatible with not only the iPad, since it was originally designed for the Mac. In a bid to increase productivity, Apple has taught some battery saving tricks to this accessory. When left on, it lowers energy consumption if it is not being hit upon. Shipping with two AA batteries, the Apple keypad has a functional range of up to 30 feet.

Price: $69.00

One of the prime reasons behind the raging popularity tablets probably has to do with the increasing user demand for on-the-go efficiency and connectivity. It is not like laptops did not offer this, but the need for ergonomic options comes into play too. Right now, we cannot transform slates to something that offer the full functionality of laptops, but tell us if picking a suitable peripheral from our compilation of the best iPad Bluetooth keyboards takes you a small step closer to it.