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iPad 5 suits up in space gray: Leaked photos

Apple fans, here are some leaked pictures of what the iPad 5 will look like. And it’s supposed to be unveiled within a fortnight. The photos we’ve posted below are out of a set of 74 high resolution ones of the upcoming device.

They show the next generation iOS tablet in two shades of gray and silver. These are the new colors in which the iPhone 5S is available. There’s nothing about a champagne gold option though. This seems a bit irregular.

iPad 5 Space Gray

Side Angle

We mean, if Apple’s going to dress the iPad in the same new hues as the iPhone 5S, why leave out gold? Does the company think the color will have less appeal on a tablet than on a handset? Or maybe the gold one has just been hidden very well away from sneaky cameras.

The images come courtesy of Sonny Dickson. They don’t show actual working models of the device, but rather the front panel and casing. Since the pictures don’t compare the iPad against its previous generation, we can’t tell exactly how much smaller it is.

iPad 5 Gray And Silver

According to the video posted below, the screen size will stay the same at 9.7 inches. The bezel width may be narrowed down, while the internal bits and pieces could be in want of rearranging. But a glance at the leaked shots should be enough to tell you that the tablet seems to be slowly morphing into a largish iPad mini.

It appears sleeker and thinner. It can’t be confirmed whether a fingerprint reader will be onboard even if it does make sense for Apple to add one for extra security considering the number of people who use iPads as work tools.

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