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Best iPad 2 Screen Protectors

Best iPad 2 Screen Protectors

The best iPad 2 screen protectors list is here to put all those queries about which accessories to acquire after purchasing the Apple gadget to rest. A screen protector is really essential, especially if you wish to keep your display squeaky clean, just like on the day you bought it. The proffered options are all set to safeguard the iPad from scratches, smudges, stains and fingerprints that might just manage to creep along and scar your new uber cool device.

1 – Ghost Armor iPad 2 Skin:

Ghost Armor

First in our list of iPad 2 screen protectors is the Ghost Armor iPad 2 skin that enters in three varieties, namely screen, back and full body. Without adding any extra bulk, the delight does its work of barring scratches and reducing the amount of grease gracing the tablet.

The full body protection enters with a trio of options such as clear, matte and carbon fiber finishes as well as a host of colors to choose from. The screen is priced at $24.99, while the full body one is $39.99. Both offerings boast of a lifetime warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

2 – iLuv iCC1194 Glare-Free Screen Protector:

iLuv iCC1194

iLuv has always been coming up with various interesting accessories for not just mobile phones, but tablets and other devices as well. These include portable speakers, cases, sleeves, earphones and more. The company is now seen foraying into our roster of iPad 2 screen protectors with the iLuv iCC1194. This offering protects your iPad screen and safeguards it from nasty fingerprints and scratches. Furthermore, the add-on boasts of an anti-glare design which enables you to clearly view all your content such as movies, photos and more even in brightly lit areas. Along with the product, you can expect to receive a pair of films, squeegee and cleaning cloth which also aid in keeping your Apple device in good condition. The iLuv iCC1194 is up for grabs at $24.99.

3 – XtremeGuard Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector:

XtremeGuard Screen Protector

The 9.7-inch LED backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch display needs to be kept from harm’s way and what better way to do so than by employing the XtremeGuard Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector? This high-clarity, invisible skin lets the tablet retain its impressive resolution and hence offers you a seamless Apple experience. According to the company, the film features the new Shield-Heal technology which removes and fixes scratches that have already made their mark on the interface. It can even work its magic for up to 3 years without being replaced. The screen protector is priced at $30.

4 – Splash Masque HD:

Splash Masque HD

Splash Products aims to dive right into your tech-ruled lives with the Masque HD which is fashioned using Japanese anti-glare material that lowers issues of fingerprint impressions as well as scratches, glare, scrapes and dust. Sporting just the right amount of thickness, it is able to withstand daily wear and tear while allowing you to easily access various features through the slab’s touchscreen. Proffering easy installation, a simple 2-step method is required to place the protector onto the edges of the iPad 2. It comes complete with a price tag of $29.99 as well as an application card and micro-fiber cloth.

5 – BodyGuardz Clear Skins:

BodyGuardz Clear Skins

The durable, ultra-slim shield known as BodyGuardz Clear Skins is the latest entrant in our jam-packed lineup. The beauty of these products is that they not only safeguard the front screen, but also provide overall protection to the iPad body.

Claimed to be created using the same materials which are employed on the front of vehicles, the shields boast of scratch-proof properties and come in two versions, namely Clear Skins and Clear Skins Dry Apply. Besides defending the device against outside elements, they also preserve its shiny appearance, all for just under $30.

6 – Case-Mate iPad 2 Anti Glare, Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector:

Case-Mate Screen Protector

The Case-Mate iPad 2 anti glare, anti fingerprint screen protector name simply says it all. Fashioned from rugged self-adhesive polymer, it prevents dust, dirt and scratches from making their appearance on the tablet’s display.

The company reveals that you can still perform all your onscreen functions in spite of its protective presence. This easy-to-apply-and-remove film will cost you just $20 and enters with a micro-fiber screen cleaning cloth and soft applicator card as well.

7 – Zagg Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector:

Zagg Screen Protector

The final inclusion in our list of iPad 2 screen protectors is from the likes of Zagg. The company provides military grade material constructed specially for the Apple tablet. The high point of the screen is its self-healing attributes and free lifetime replacement warranty. The precision pre-cut invisible shield is incorporated with nano-memory technology which can be espied on the surface of the film. Some of its other features include wider coverage for curves and corners, improved grip, glare reduction and easy installation. If you need to remove the protection, you can do so without having to worry about sticky residue being left behind.

So after you pick up the Apple slab, all you need to do is throw a glance at our best iPad 2 screen protectors array to opt for the desired product that would shield your tablet against the daily wear and tear that threatens to blemish your precious iPad 2. Your next step is to get back to us with your preferred protection choice.