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Best iPad 2 Protective Case

Best iPad 2 Protective Case

We’ve been sifting the web for the best iPad 2 protective case for more reasons than one. Undeniably among the scores of tablets available in the market today, the iPad 2 stands out for its beautiful construction if not for anything else. And ruining it with scratches and drops when there are scores of cases available around should be the last thing on your mind. We can cross our hearts and tell you that we’ve looked at several of them to compile our 8 iPad 2 protective case lineup. On our checklist are factors like good looks, minimum bulk and adding individuality to the tablet besides obviously safeguarding it when on the move. Read on.

1. DODOcase:

DODOcase iPad 2

Before you start wondering why a name like ‘DODOcase’, let’s get to the more important bits of this sleeve first. Tailored with the help of conventional bookbinding techniques, the case features black Moroccan cloth. Its distinct fabrication will let you fold it back, to use it as a stand with an elastic strap fitted for protection. Cradling the iPad 2 in a robust and eco-friendly bamboo tray, the case doesn’t impede usability.

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The included magnetic insert further ensures activation of the iPad’s auto wake and sleep function. With a black exterior, the interior of this case is decked up in many color options like red, purple, orange, green and blue making for a fun accessory. And getting back to the name, well the logo seems to say it all.

Price: $ 59.95

2. Targus Vuscape:

Targus Vuscape iPad 2

A stand and cover built neatly in one case makes the Targus Vuscape a must-have if you’ve been hunting for a iPad 2 protective case. The stand effortlessly supports the device as it plunks upright enhancing the video watching and book reading experience on the iPad 2. The form-fitted fabrication together with the hard-sided exterior and scratch resistant interior ensures the tablet is protected in the event of a mishap.

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Add to this, the fact that the case doesn’t throw its weight around – it’s lightweight and fits the tablet without being bulky. In fact the external hard shell molded construct keeps the tablet’s fragile glass display safe while the interior covering is specifically suited to guard sensitive areas and keep scratches at bay.

Price: $42.99

3. Scosche snapSHIELD P2:

Scosche snapSHIELD P2

If you’ve been specifically looking for a slim fitting case with protection high on its priority list, then the Scosche snapSHIELD P2 is where your search should end. This low-profile polycarbonate case for the iPad 2 ensures the tablet is preserved without having an accessory reduce its aesthetics to rubble. With the incorporated lay on the table design, you know the screen is well-protected too.

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Covered by the snapSHIELD, you can now throw your iPad 2 in your backpack or suitcase without worrying about bumps while traveling. Its open sketch lets you access all controls of the tablet without having to fret over anything in particular.

Price: $29.99

4. G-Form Extreme Sleeve:

G-Form Extreme Sleeve

Employing Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), the G-Form Extreme Sleeve case for iPad 2 puts the Poron XRD material and patent G-Form materials to good use. Featuring in our iPad 2 protective case lineup for its extra attention towards users who hit the road frequently, the accessory is soft and flexible while being lightweight and water-resistant.

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Keeping the tablet safe from impact, it won’t take much for you to figure just how it should fit in your travel bag or suitcase. What seems to stand out for this case is its distinct ability to withstand drops. The sleeve is available in black and yellow colors.

Price: $59.95

5. Speck iGuy:

Speck iGuy iPad 2

You know we aren’t joking when we say kids and fragile devices almost certainly don’t go hand-in-hand. Boasting of a kid-friendly design, Speck iGuy serves the purpose of protecting your iPad 2 just right. We’re hearting the fun construction it shows off too coupled with the fact that it can be picked up in bright shades like orange, blue and green. This freestanding case uses foam which is safe and non-toxic. Every bit the protective older brother it resembles, iGuy is lightweight and easy to hold while being shock absorbent as well. There’s also the raised screen bezel feature which only makes the case’s squishy body all the more likeable.

Price: $27.44

6. Otterbox Defender Series:

Otterbox Defender Series

One of the most rugged cases around, the Otterbox Defender Series for iPad 2, the makers say, is capable of enduring any environment. The case puts to use multi-layer technology, giving it an edge over competitors in terms of access and functionality of iPad 2 controls. You can reach out to almost all features of the tablet straight from within the case. On the shielding front, the accessory features an internal polycarbonate shell with foam on the inside.

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Its durable silicon skin on the other hand can withstand shocks. A clip-on touchscreen cover with a fold-out stand design allows the device to be placed conveniently. You also get a free self-adhering screen protector from Otterbox with this case which doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.

Price: $89.95

7. SwitchEasy Canvas:

SwitchEasy Canvas iPad 2

Boasting of a unique hybrid polycarbonate design, the SwitchEasy Canvas case supports the iPad 2’s on/off function. Outlined with scratch-resistant matte coated canvas material that’s highly durable, you can brace yourself for super rich microfiber lined padding. The case makes sure that while it’s easy on the hands, you don’t lose out on grip.

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In various colors of the palette like brown, pink, red, turquoise and viola besides grey and black, the accessory enables single flip photo taking. On offer are three viewing angles thanks to its versatile stand which in combination with its folio tailoring definitely ups the ante.

Price: $49.99

8. Griffin Survivor:

Griffin Survivor

With a name like Survivor and a tagline that reads ‘Extreme-duty case for iPad 2’, Griffin couldn’t possibly have got it wrong now, could it. The company says the case has been tested to adhere to the US Department of Defense Standard 810F certification. Devised to take the iPad 2 under its wings inside out, adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the cover’s amiability towards extreme conditions.

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This includes protection against sand, dirt, shock, rain and vibration. It’s the case’s shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that has been form-fitted by a rugged and shock absorbing silicone covering. And that’s not all – it also includes a built-in screen protector.

Price: $79.99

Keep in mind what your primary requirement is while choosing a protective case for the iPad 2 and you should be raring to go. At least, we’re hoping our iPad 2 protective case portfolio has covered everything that you may be looking for in terms of safeguarding the tablet.