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iOS could let you uninstall default apps in the future, says Tim Cook

If Apple head honcho Tim Cook is to be believed, then iOS could allow its users to uninstall default apps in the future. This does not seem like something that is being actively pursued at the moment, but the company CEO has indeed mentioned that the firm might find a way to make these apps removable, over time.

Such a trait is being demanded by Android users as well, since a pretty long time, but even they haven’t got it yet. However, they at least have the option of disabling default apps, so they don’t keep getting updated all the time. iOS users on the other hand, can only create a folder out of their unused applications and tuck it into their least visited homescreen.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was speaking with Buzzfeed when he revealed that allowing users to delete system apps is ‘a more complex issue than it first appears.’ He argued that there are particular apps that are linked to other apps or functions, and deleting them will definitely result in side effects.

iOS 9

These apps will hence be kept untouched, but about apps which aren’t like that, Cook has said that Apple will ‘figure out a way’ to allow users to remove them. He hasn’t mentioned any timeframe regarding when such a feature will finally be entering the software, but it won’t be silly to look forward to iOS 10 coming equipped with it.

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Today happens to be the day when Apple will finally be releasing iOS 9 for its devices. It should be noted that a beta version of iOS 9.1 is already available for those willing to give the nascent build a shot.