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iOS 9.3 out now with display dimming feature and more


People with iPhones and iPads must take note that it’s update time again, with iOS 9.3 having been released by Apple. This upgrade was announced at last night’s grand event in San Francisco where the company showcased its 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models, both of which will come pre-installed with the new software.

The main functionality of iOS 9.3 is called the Night Shift mode. It’s actually a feature that automatically changes the color temperature of the device’s display in order to suit the time of the day and the location of its owner.

If you’ve ever used the F.lux app on your Mac, you’ll be well familiar with the concept of Night Mode. In fact, this trait may very well be inspired from F.lux, which was recently involved in a controversy that saw the app being removed from the App Store by Apple because of API issues.

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Another major addition to iOS 9.3 is added security for the Notes app. You are not only able to lock the app itself with a password, but also individual notes. This means that page where you store all your usernames and passwords to the tons of websites you’ve made accounts on, is finally safe.

With iOS 9.3, Apple has also gone on to update the News application. It gets a fresher version of the ‘For You’ segment that’s more personalized than before, and even features trending topics. Lastly, the Health app has received Apple Watch integration, whereas CarPlay has been given some minor improvements as well.

Like we said, the iOS 9.3 update is already out for all Apple devices capable of running iOS 9. So if you own one of those, do grab the download asap.