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iOS 9.3 introduces multi-user interface, password-protected Notes

Apple iOS 9.3

Apple has begun sending out the beta version of iOS 9.3 to its developers and public testers, and in a surprising move has also decided to put up preview pages on its website to showcase what’s in store for its consumers. The company usually waits until the official roll out of an update and details the changes it’s made in the release notes.

The most exciting development is a new multi-user system which allows several people to use the same iPad under different IDs. Unfortunately, the feature is only available for education as of now. Still, there’s no reason we can’t expect Apple to expand this function to other devices such as the iPhone and general customers in the future.

The multiple user mode, dubbed as Shared iPad, has been designed for schools where it’s not affordable to buy the tablet for each student. Each child can set up their own account and have all their information such as books, documents and apps pulled up instantly via intelligent caching which eliminates the need to download everything over and over again.

There’s also a new Classroom app for teachers so they can keep track of what each student is up to, launch the same page or application for everyone, and project a kid’s work onto an Apple TV with AirPlay. Coming to the other changes in iOS 9.3, there’s a new Night Shift mode which automatically transforms the colors on the display to warmer tones in the evening.

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Apple says this could help people sleep better, since studies have indicated that exposure to blue light after hours affects a person’s circadian rhythms. Folks can also look forward to an improved Notes app. It’s now password or fingerprint-protected, and is additionally able to sort documents alphabetically or according to date modified and date created.

Apple has further updated the News app in iOS 9.3 to deliver more personalized stories, synchronized the Health application with the Apple Watch better, and allowed CarPlay to utilize the Nearby feature in Maps to quickly find places like gas stations and restaurants.