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iOS 9.3 beta now available for the public

iOS 9.3

Just days after having been made available to developers all over the world, the iOS 9.3 beta has been released to the public by Apple. It is the first such beta of the upcoming software, and there are expected to be more since it comes equipped with plenty of new features.

One of the most interesting traits to have been infused into this iOS 9.3 beta is multi-user support for iPads. Aimed only at schools at the moment, it allows teachers to use the same tablet with different students, with all their content being ‘ready to go’ as soon as they log in.

Another fresh feature in iOS 9.3 worth noticing is called Night Shift. It’s nothing but an official Apple-made version of apps like f.lux or Twilight which automatically switch the colors in your device’s display to warmer ones after sunset in order to reduce the strain on your eyes.

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Your notes on the Notes app can now be secured with a password or your fingerprint, adding a layer of privacy to them. Furthermore, the Health app from iOS 9.3 is able to extract and show move, exercise and stand data from your Apple Watch.

Changes also find their way into CarPlay, with the service now receiving a Nearby feature in Maps which shows you gas stations, parking spaces, restaurants, coffee shops and more with just a tap. On top of that iOS 9.3 has added 3D Touch support to some more of Apple’s very own apps.

A final version of iOS 9.3 will only be made available sometime during this spring; so until then eager souls will need to make do with beta versions like this one. Meanwhile, you can download iOS 9.3 beta from here.