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iOS 9.3.1 being seeded now for fixing for link crashing bug

iOS 9.3

The release of its latest operating system hasn’t been a smooth one for Apple at all, with the company having had to issue a number of re-releases. And now, it has introduced a new version named iOS 9.3.1 which has been aimed at fixing a bug that leads apps to hang and crash when links are clicked on.

This issue is apparently related to Universal Links, a feature that was introduced via the original release of iOS 9 last year. This trait is meant to open links directly into apps, if that particular app is installed on your device.

Whatever be the reason for this problem, what’s important is that Apple has issued iOS 9.3.1 to solve it. There doesn’t seem to be any other change which is being introduced however.

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iOS 9.3 was released by Apple on the day it unveiled its new iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro. Among all the different features it brings along with it, the Night Shift mode is the most notable. It allows your devices to adjust the color temperature of their displays based on the time of the day as well as the location, in order to take away some strain from your eyes.

Following this release, it was realized that some older iDevices were being bricked, and hence, another build of it was introduced recently to fix that issue. Moreover, a special version of the update had to be delivered to the iPad 2 which was facing problems after the initial release.

But with iOS 9.3.1 now out, everything seems to have been fixed by Apple. You can download the update over-the-air (OTA) right now.