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iOS 14.4 To Flash Error Message On iPhones Repaired With Non-Apple Cameras

iPhone 12 5G Models

In the second beta of iOS 14.4, Apple is introducing a new warning on iPhones that have had their camera repaired or replaced with aftermarket components rather than the genuine Apple components.

iOS 14.4 developer beta now throws up an error message when it detects a non-genuine camera fitted to an iPhone, reports MacRumors.

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The message, which reads “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple camera,” can be dismissed and does not seem to affect the use or operation of the camera.

According to the report, the non-genuine camera message will likely direct users towards a future Apple support document emphasizing the importance of iPhone repairs being completed by authorized, trained technicians using genuine Apple parts.

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To recall, Apple’s similar display-related warning does not affect the ability to use the iPhone earlier, so this will be the case with the camera-related warning as well.

According to tech repair site iFixit, cameras can now be swapped between iPhone 12 units without any problems.

However, it believes that Apple will soon start flagging any camera replacements that have not been followed up with by running Apple’s proprietary, cloud-linked System Configuration app as non-genuine.

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