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iOS 12 reveals iPhone X Plus resolution, aspect ratio

Apple recently debuted iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018, offering small clues about its next iPhone series along the way. A new report has now confirmed the existence of the iPhone X Plus thanks to the software.

iPhone X Plus Concept
Image Credit: iDrop News/Martin Hajek

To recap, Apple is expected to debut a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X (2018), and a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. According to BGR, Apple has been testing iOS 12 since February when Google Analytics first detected visits to the site from devices running iOS 12.

One particular device stood out from the rest. It featured a never-before-seen resolution of 414 x 869 points. Both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus have the same 414 width, but a lesser 736 height. Based on this, it’s safe to say that the mysterious device fits a taller screen into roughly the same size as the others.

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The most logical conclusion to draw is that the unknown handset is the iPhone X Plus. The publication further points out that the phone only visited the site twice in May. It’s possible that Apple was testing a prototype version of the handset at the time.

iPhone X Plus Resolution

Crunching some numbers, the aspect ratio and screen resolution of the iPhone X Plus could be 2.165 and 1080 x 2336p, respectively. An earlier Bloomberg report had claimed that some prototypes carried a resolution of 1242 x 2688p. The same article had asserted that the smartphone might get its hands on dual-SIM support.

Apple is apparently considering this in order to appeal to consumers in China and India who prefer large devices with dual-SIMs. The latter has been an in-demand feature for years now. It’s not clear if the company will make space for a second SIM card slot or support eSIMs, as found in the Apple Watch Series 3.