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iOS 12 reveals 2018 iPad Pro redesign

iPad Pro 2018
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

The 2018 iPad Pro is almost upon us, meaning it’s the last chance for leaks to appear and offer some new information. The tablet is already well exposed, but a new report has an image taken directly from Apple.

There seems to an icon of the 2018 iPad Pro hidden within the depths of iOS 12. 9to5Mac found it, the second time it’s done so in recent months. The first time, it came across a very basic drawing of the device which didn’t convey a whole lot of information.

2018 iPad Pro Looks

This time, the sketch is a lot more detailed. Going by the icon, the 2018 iPad Pro will have medium-thick bezels, no Home button, no notch, and rounded corners in place of the square one Apple usually favors. The borders are probably the most surprising aspect since everyone is predicting very narrow bezels.

It looks like Apple decided to go with slightly thicker bezels so that the whole screen looks uniform. It likely needed space for the brand new TrueDepth Camera array and didn’t want to implement the same notch design as the iPhone X/XS/XR. This might be part of its new mission to set the iPad and iPhone as far apart from each other as possible.

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For instance, it’s rumored that the upcoming iPad Pro will have a faster A12X processor. The A12 made its debut in the iPhone XS/XR, so the brand is probably trying to distinguish the tablet as a more powerful option for creative folks. That’s basically the theme of its October 30 launch event.

It can’t be seen clearly in the photo above, but the iPad Pro is expected to grab a more squarish design from the sides, more like the rigid frame of the iPhone 5S/SE and less like the curves of the iPhone XS. We’ll get to the bottom of the matter the moment the device arrives alongside the new MacBook Air and Mac mini.