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iOS 12.0.1 causing battery drain, broken calls, connectivity issues in iPhones

iOS 12 Overview

iOS 12 caused a lot of problems for iPhone users when it came out last month, resulting in poor Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, ChargeGate, and iMessage bugs. iOS 12.0.1 was supposed to fix most of these issues, but many folks say they’re still facing the same concerns.

To recap, iOS 12.0.1 came out last week and promised to resolve an issue where iPhone XS devices didn’t immediately charge when connected to a Lightning cable and didn’t join 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. However, some people say their older iPhones are still suffering from ChargeGate problems.

iOS 12.0.1 iMessage Confusion

Moreover, iOS 12.0.1 doesn’t address the iMessage mess at all. Apple made some big changes to the messaging service in iOS 12, organizing people according to their Apple ID and not their name or number. This resulted in a whole lot of embarrassing confusion since family members sharing the same Apple ID could see everyone else’s texts even if they weren’t the recipient.

As per Forbes, the only viable solution at the moment is to make a separate Apple ID for each person. Perhaps this was the company’s intention all along and that’s why there’s no solution yet. Another major issue plaguing iPhone owners is severe battery drain. Several of them say their battery is emptying out much faster than usual.

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For instance, one Twitter user complains that his iPhone XS Max lost 10% of charge overnight even though it wasn’t in use. Other tweets discuss how iPhones can’t make or receive calls since the Phone app keeps crashing in iOS 12. PiunikaWeb has also discovered that iOS 12.0.1 hasn’t resolved the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s 4G LTE issues completely.

Even the Wi-Fi problem which was supposed to be fixed in iOS 12.0.1 is apparently still around for a significant number of owners. Apple is currently working on the iOS 12.1 beta. Hopefully, it’ll put an end to all these complaints.