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iOS 11 bug autocorrects ‘it’ to ‘I.T’, ‘is’ to ‘I.S’

iOS It Bug
Image Credit: Sean James

Apple just got done resolving one autocorrect issue, but it seems yet another problem has risen to haunt it once again. It’s actually pretty similar to what happened last time and has been going on since iOS 11 was released in late September.

Instead of allowing users to type “it” in a sentence and move on with their life, Apple’s QuickType tool suggests the phrase “I.T” and then automatically replaces “it” with “I.T” when the spacebar is tapped. Backspacing and retyping “it” doesn’t help since the software stubbornly sticks to “I.T” no matter what.

The concern appears to be affecting hundreds of iPhone users who have been actively taking to Twitter and various forums on the web to complain. There are some who are facing the same problem with the word “is” as well.

A video (see above) showing the issue in action indicates that even switching off Predictive text doesn’t make a difference as Auto-Correction replaces “is” with “I.S” over and over again. The person even tried to hack the bug by venturing into Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and using “is” as the phrase and shortcut.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work as his “is” was still getting switched to “I.S” in the keyboard. Several people share in his frustration and have found that even basic troubleshooting such as rebooting their iPhone doesn’t work. The only solution right now appears to be switching off Auto-Correction and Predictive suggestions completely.

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Apple will hopefully roll out a solution for this issue just like it did with the “i” to “A[?]” bug. Perhaps this time round it’ll explain why the problem is occurring in the first place.