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iOS 10 update to add dedicated HomeKit app

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Apple’s HomeKit is right now a platform that enables developers to allow their home automation devices to work with iOS devices. However, this only means that the developers themselves are able to create separate apps for their products.

That’s soon about to change, even as some proof of a special HomeKit app being in development has just been spotted online. This move will certainly be welcomed by users, as it means controlling all their home automation devices through a single app rather than opening their individual apps all the time.

This app will of course act as a hub for every HomeKit compatible product that’s present inside your household. Evidence about its existence has been spotted by Macrumors in an Amazon review, of all places.

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The reviewer happens to be an Apple employee, and has said that the next version of iOS which will be released this fall will come with a standalone HomeKit app. While the information is verified since the person indeed happens to work for Apple, this news should still be taken with a pinch of salt, as the company might change its mind in the months leading up to the launch of iOS 10.

Late last year, the Cupertino giant had used one of its shell companies to file a trademark for the HomeKit icon. This gives us yet another reason to believe that the firm is readying up a separate app for integrating all its supported home automation devices available out there.

iOS 10 is expected to be unveiled during the WWDC which starts on June 13 this year. Stay tuned for more leaks and rumors related to the Apple software as well as those regarding the upcoming iPhone 7.