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iOS 10.3 to introduce popcorn-themed Theatre Mode

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Apple’s most recent iOS 10.2 software update did nothing to resolve the serious battery drain issue being faced by iPhone users for a while now. Rumor has it that the next iOS 10.2.1 upgrade will finally put an end to the affliction and the version after that will bring a new Theatre Mode with it.

Apple’s standard modus operandi for iOS releases is to package a major new feature followed by several smaller ones. It’s with this line of thought that many assume the company is going to first issue a fix for the 30% battery fail bug that’s been affecting the iPhone 5 all the way to the iPhone 7.

iOS 10.2.1 will likely arrive sometime in early January with the repair in tow. Apple’s beta versions of the software have so far not revealed what exactly it contains. Still, mounting pressure from the Chinese government and consumers across the world should be enough to motivate the brand into some form of action.

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As for iOS 10.3, Sonny Dickson has taken to his Twitter account to dish out some interesting tidbits about the iteration. Apple is supposedly developing it under the codename Erie and scheduled beta 1 of the software to begin seeding on January 10. He also claims that the brand is going to bundle in a new Theatre Mode which will come with its own popcorn-shaped Control Center icon.

Several theories about Theatre Mode have popped up since its leak. Some say it could be a sort of one-tap way to make an iPhone’s screen go dim and mute audio when a person is watching a movie and wants to pull out their phone without causing a distraction. Others think it may be a sort of optimized video viewing mode.

Dickson himself says that it might some form of the much-fabled Dark Mode. The feature has been a highly-requested tool for years and had been spotted in early iOS 10 betas. If it does finally arrive in iOS 10.3, individuals would be able to comfortably view their iPhone’s screen in the dark.