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ION VCR 2 PC – Enjoy Old VHS Tapes in Digital File Format


If you still treasure your old VHS tapes which have recorded your moments of blissful marriage times or innocent childhood, then before the tapes are worn out or dragged to entangled tapes by your pet or child convert them into Digital File Format with the ION VCR 2 PC.

The intelligent technology will preserve your golden moments in a digitized form and you can throw away the old faulty VHS player. The VHS Tapes are prone to damage and the tapes constantly get entangled in the player. The tapes are also unclear and do not provide a great sound quality as well. So before the VHS tapes deteriorate any further convert them into a digital format using the ION VCR 2 PC.

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The player gives an option of either playing the VHS tape directly through your computer or convert them and save it on DVD or view them via the PC, iPod, PSP, DVD and other media players. The device can also connect to the Television and play the tapes with ease. At a price of £149.95, the ION VCR 2 PC player is ideal for those who love treasuring their old classic memories.

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