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Iomega Superhero Backup and Charger Review

Iomega Superhero Backup And Charger

Ringing in the New Year, the Consumer Electronics Show seems just the right platform to unveil a gadget, and we are sure makers of the Iomega Superhero Backup and Charger would agree with us. This plush dock dipped in the typical Apple hue (if we may call it so) of metallic silver could affirm a seat next to the iMac and other related accessories. Needless to say, it has been crafted for your iPhones/iPod and not the iMac. Precisely, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod Touch users with iTunes on their hate-list can indulge into our review to know more.

Packed in a neat box, the rounded square dock measuring 89.92mm x 89.92mm x 20mm emerged out. Extremely light at 136 grams, the upper silver surface exhibited a slightly brushed effect with pictorial indication of unlocking the device before docking it. A smooth glossy black docking section has been carved that shows off the connector. The sides get a slightly rougher brushed texture while the rubber base ensures a firm grip. The front side of the charger has been imprinted with the Iomega logo and the back side has two distinct slots – one for the SD card and other for the mains power.

Iomega Superhero

Basically, the device is capable of taking a backup as well as restoring photos and contacts. Now moving past the looks department, Iomega has ensured that you get started right away by packing in a SD card. Unless you have gigantic data stored on your device, the included 4 GB card seems quite fine. Besides the 4GB card, the in-box contents include a power cable and three distinct plugs.

One can instantly relate the Iomega Superhero to Apple products owing to its design elements. Keeping up with the ‘i’ factor, its attractive looks could woo many. The built quality seemed pretty decent and the device comes across quite robust. Another aspect that the device brings in is ease of use, all we had to do is insert the power cable into the slot and plug it to mains. Then insert the SD card into the dock. However, docking the Apple device will only charge it unless you lay your hands on the Iomega app that is available through the App store.

Iomega Backup And Charger

The app instantly opens up a simple user interface as soon as you dock the device. This interface marches in with simplicity with touch buttons which take you to Backup, Restore and Options. The Backup button stores your photos and contacts onto the inserted SD card while the restore function will help restore the content onto a device. This could be beneficial if you are using or have to deal with more than one device.

As we started taking the backup of photos, disappointingly it took around 7-8 minutes to save 4 photos. Moreover, only the images clicked from the iPhone were saved. This puts into picture the capabilities of iTunes which serves a similar purpose even faster. Plus, the Superhero is just about storing your photos and contacts. However, let’s not forget that the SuperHero does it all without the need for a PC or laptop.

Under options, one will see settings for both backup and restore. These settings let you enable or disable functions like backup photos, contacts or even encrypt them. On the other hand, restore photos and contacts or even replace contacts. The entire layout is so simple that one wouldn’t find it a task at all.


The Iomega dock poses in a stylish attire to complement your iPhones or iPod Touch. Moreover, the interface maintains simplicity.

It takes a backup of photos and contacts onto a SD card without the need to connect to a PC.


The Iomega Superhero is capable of storing only photos and contacts.

It takes considerably longer time for data transfers.

Our Shout


The Iomega Superhero Backup and Charger comes across as a decent option to take a backup of photos and contacts on a SD card minus the need for a PC/laptop. However, its sluggish nature could keep you waiting as the transfer speed is quite slow. Overall, it leaves a spacious room for improvements. Weighing its pros and cons, the device has climbed our rating ladder up to 7 on a scale of 10. The price tag attached to this device reads Rs. 3999.