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IO Scout FBA Tools For Amazon Sellers

amazon sellers Without a doubt, buying and selling will not fade out anytime soon. Still, it is also an indisputable fact that myriads of sellers go out of business on platforms like the flourishing Amazon every year. Yet, thousands of sellers join this thriving train year in year out. The competition is exceptionally high.

With the increasing number of active sellers, striving to thrive and stay other competitors afloat on the most prominent e-commerce platform, Amazon, it is only right that individuals on the platform, both old and new, employ the best available tool enhance their dealings on the platform.

Deciding to join Amazon is just the first step. The most significant step in this journey is choosing what product to sell. Hence, a seller needs all the help he can get to stay relevant in the Amazon market and, ultimately, make profits.

There are hacks and tricks in the covers of books for new sellers to leverage. However, one tested and trusted tool to help with this task is using the right tools.

What’s an Amazon Sales Estimator?

An Amazon sales estimator is a marketing tool that gives insight to sellers by gathering factual data available on Amazon. In basic terms, it helps sellers on Amazon predict the number of sales they can make on a precise product and in a particular category.

It offers accurate calculations in regards to sales volume; Hence, also called Amazon sales calculator.

With a sales estimator, you can decide if a niche is ideal for you based on its general outlay and profitability. It allows you to spy on your competitors and helps you with better structuring of business and marketing plans. If you know what your competitors would make in a month, year, or over a particular period, you have an edge. This will help you plan your sales well and promptly.

One of the best Amazon sales estimators that are worth investing in is the IO Scout Sales Estimator.

We will view IO Scout Sales Estimator through a magnifying lens and let you know all you should about this fantastic tool.

IO Scout Sales Estimator

Amazon sales estimator, offered free by IO Scout, is a tool that allows sellers to evaluate the number of monthly sales in a specific category based on the product sales ranking. IO scout sales estimator is also called Amazon’s best sellers rank calculator (Amazon BSR calculator).

Amazon uses different complex ways, such as consulting both historical and current sales patterns of the product, to develop the BSR rating. This rating is essential for sellers to determine how well their product is faring in contrast to other products in the same category.

One exciting thing about this BSR thingy is that the rating varies between different categories. Here is what I’m saying, your product could rank among the first 100 in a particular category and another category, not among the first 20,000.

Notwithstanding, a sales estimator can help you evaluate your sales potential in a particular niche and also the potential for the new product in different niches on Amazon.

Also, the IO Scout sales estimator predicts how many sales are needed to attain a particular BSR.

Being a seller on Amazon requires much work and research and having your product listed or becoming top sellers. In actual fact, this is when your work starts. It would help if you kept a close tab on your direct competitors. With the IO Scout sales estimator, this becomes easy. And besides, should you want to expand your business on different niches Amazon, then you might want to consider assessing the potential of those niches with Amazon sales estimator before venturing into them.

To use the IO Scout sales estimator, launch the app, choose the Amazon product category, type in that product’s sales rank and click on calculate sales, your result together with the product that matches your Amazon sales rank estimator. To change your category, click on “sales for another category.” You have to know your product BSR to be able to do this. To know the BSR, click on the Amazon product category also and type in the sales volume and click on calculate BSR.

To change your category, click on ” Calculate BSR for another category.” Your result will appear in a few seconds. The tool has a user-friendly interface. On the platform, users can clearly see the steps needed to follow to get the analysis of their sales provided by the sales estimator.

To even think this amazing feature comes with no price whatsoever makes it mind-blowing.

IO Scout, because of its data accuracy and efficiency, is a perfect fit for online, retail arbitrage, dropshipping and private labels.

IO Scout has all the features necessary to take your business to another level and for you to remain a stable force to reckon with on Amazon.

Why Choose IO Scout?

IO Scout, apart from the sales estimator offers an amazing array of FBA tools to Amazon sellers. However, here are some reasons why you should choose IO Scout.

  • Pricing

Currently, IO Scout offers the most functions for the lowest prices. So as an Amazon seller, you get the best offer when it comes to functions from IO Scout.

  • Functionality

IO Scout comes in an easy-to-use interface and offers a vast range of options to sellers from product tracking and research tools to keyword optimization functions. Interestingly, some of these features are available for free like the IO Scout FBA calculator and sales estimator.

IO Scout also offers a personal assistant feature that keeps you informed of all the latest updates in the Amazon marketplace and other insights needed to make the business decisions.