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INX News launches its Website, featuring an Added Advantage of Self Customized News

NewsX.com screenshot

Recently NewsX, India’s very first HDTV-ready premier news channel in English was rolled out by INX News. Now, a website www.newsx.com has been launched, which essentially has an additional advantage of offering self customized news.

The site which has been developed by a special internal section of INX Network claims to be technically superior, offering several user advantages. NewsX.com will be Web 2.0-compliant, and will help users to select their news. It will function within a dynamic environment where news content is updated faster and more regularly than any other news website in India.

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Speaking about the latest venture, Vynsley Fernandes, Chief Operating Officer, INX News Pvt. Ltd., said, “NewsX.com will provide a unique experience to each user depending on his or her news preference. The site will carry news and articles covering varied categories like World, Nation, Lifestyle, Science, Technology, Sports, and more. We believe that a world-class look and feel coupled with a responsive, interactive environment will ensure an unparalleled user-friendly website experience.”

NewsX.com is the first major news website that has been completely supported by an Open Source interface, Open Source CMS (Content Management System) – Drupal.

The website will incorporate news features & articles, breaking news, news specials, microsites, blogs and much more. The content will be sourced from the NewsX channel and from premier news wire agencies such as AP, AFP and PTI.

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