Intex UFD 512 Slim – the Ultra Thin USB Disk Unveiled

Intex UFD 512 Slim Intex Technologies has announced the availability of the UFD 512 Slim, one of the world’s thinnest multipurpose 512 MB USB disks.

The multi-purpose UFD 512 Slim 512 MB USB disk is only 2.1mm thick, the tiny disk (measuring 32X24mm) can be easily stores in a wallet and comes with varied applications. It is termed as ‘ 3C ‘ card owing to its use a traditional USB disk, MMC/ SD card and mobile/ PDA card. With USB 2.0 speed, it offers high storage, download & transfer multimedia solutions for technology enthusiasts – youth and professionals – who are always keen to do something more with their machines & gadgets including PCs , mobiles, handycams, digicams, DVD players, etc. A user could directly transfer/copy photos, MP3 songs and videos to Intex ‘3C’ card and enjoy the same in his PC or cell phone.

“After introducing USB Flash Drives, this is a high-performance offering from Intex for the USB market. Also, MMC cards are gradually being replaced by thinner disks with various features. Intex UFD 512 Slim 512 MB USB disk is a complete package for mobile storage and multimedia solutions. We expect customers to be enthused with this 512 MB version and also plan to introduce 1GB and 2 GB variants soon,” said Shailendra Jha, Product Manager, Intex Technologies.

The Intex UFD 512 Slim 512 MB USB disk comes at an introductory MOP of Rs. 1200/- .