User growth of Tumblr increased by 218%, says comScore

Tumblr Logo Overshadowed by bigwigs such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the recent Google+, the often unnoticed Tumblr appears to be one of the fastest growing Internet sites. The consumer-oriented microblogging website recorded a growth of 218 percent in the past one year, reveals the comScore blog.

The networking website had 4.2 million visitors in June 2010 which grew up to 13.4 million users in June 2011. The success of such internet sites is basically based on the network effect. This effect in turn proves to be useful to users with the increase in the number of members of the site. Also, some well known networking websites are known to have succeeded due to this network effect.

Most people have not heard about this website as it tends to attract younger crowd. Tumblr has been popular amongst teenagers and college-going users. It is said that there are more chances of users below the age of 25, visiting it. Reportedly, about 50 percent visitors of Tumblr are under 25. Further, its visitors increased by about five million in three months between April and July to clock in a 61 percent growth.

Seemingly, the young crowd has been the driving force behind the rising popularity of the microblogging website. If the site continues to grow at this rate, it will just be a matter of time before it gives stiff competition to the well established networking websites.