Google+ approach to social networking

Google+ Project +Huddle

By a far cry, Buzz may not be comparable to the new project Google has conjured up with the idea of breaking successfully into the social networking circle. But the company is clearly not backing away from dipping its feet into every aspect of people’s lives on the web and it has the Google+ project to show.

The Delaware corporation’s official blog hints that they can do better than other SNS which have the tendency of wrapping everyone in ‘friend’ paper. It starts with +Circles for allowing users to share content with a specific group of people within their social network. The company seems to think web users actually have the patience to do so.

+Sparks, +Hangouts, +Huddle and +Instant Upload are also part of the package. The first renders trending content from across the internet on just about any topic in more than 40 languages. +Hangouts is basically a multi-person video chatting service, while +Huddle is a group messaging facility. With +Instant Upload, photos are floated to a private album on the cloud as soon as they’re snapped up for sharing convenience.

Those who want to dig into Google+ can do so only by invitation for the present. The application out through the Android Market and mobile web, with iTunes availability also on the cards.