SteelSeries Limited Edition 7H Fnatic headset and Sensei mouse launched

SteelSeries 7H Fnatic headset

The SteelSeries limited edition 7H Fnatic headset and Sensei mouse made their presence felt at the Dreamhack Winter digital festival. As the name suggests, the limited edition headphone by the company is the existing SteelSeries 7H headset, which has now received a fresh coating of paint to go with the Fnatic gaming team logo.

The specs sheet for the headset spells out 50mm driver units that aim to deliver enhanced sounds for ardent gamers. These are coupled with the SNDBlock ear cushions that take care of noise isolation to reduce ambient sounds during those long gaming sessions. These cushions are made with cloth as well as leather so that it provides comfort and stays true to its functionality. Additionally, this gaming peripheral can be done apart into 4 separate pieces for an easy carrying option when on the move.

SteelSeries Fnatic Sensei mouse

“We sponsor and work with a number of incredibly talented professional players and are proud to say that the Fnatic team is part of that family,” shares Kim Rom, SteelSeries CMO. “We have been supporters and collaborators with, as well as fans of, the talent that makes up the Fnatic squad for a long time now. We felt that it was the perfect time to introduce co-branded peripherals – that their players helped us design, regularly use and win with – to their immense and passionate fan following.”

With customizable options galore and the company’s ExactTech settings, the limited edition Sensei mouse bears an illuminated Fnatic team logo and comes drenched in vibrant orange, white and black hues. Needless to say, the SteelSeries limited edition 7H Fnatic headset and Sensei mouse are both color co-ordinated. Plus, the gaming rodent houses a 32 bit ARM processor which allows the accessory to carry out calculations directly, rather than depending on software drivers or for that matter, even the PC. Sensitivity can be tweaked, with selections from 1 to 5,700 CPI, based on the users’ needs. Additionally, users can go up to 11,400 DCPI, thanks to its double CPI feature.

The SteelSeries limited edition 7H Fnatic headset and Sensei mouse price tag reads $139.99 and $99.99, respectively. Ardent gamers can make the purchases from SteelSeries Web Shop.