Apple ditching MobileMe for iCloud

Apple MobileMe iCloud Transition

As Apple gets ready to launch iCloud, the reasons for or against looking forward to it only get more confusing. MobileMe is being scrapped or rather, transitioned to iCloud and Apple has put up a FAQs page concerning this move.

The core service is not exactly being given the boot, since the company intends to integrate it with iCloud which is arriving this fall. It’s been redesigned to work smoothly with iCloud and MobileMe will stop being proffered as a paid sync service. But users are obviously going to miss a few things like sites made with iWeb, Gallery and iDisk.

As for what is expected to stick around, there will be mail, contacts, Find My iPhone, bookmarks, Back to My Mac and calendar. Those who have or addresses will be able to keep them and sites published to MobileMe can be moved to another web hosting service.

iCloud proffers 5GB of free storage for mail, documents and backup, with additional hoarding space chalked to come at a price. MobileMe will be extended for free through June 30 to users who had an active account as of June 6.