WordPress adds .me domains, upgrading to custom blog names made easy

WordPress .Me Domain Name

The fact that the .me extension is the country code for Montenegro really obviously has nothing to do with WordPress adding it to their custom blog domain name lists. Now along with .com, .org and .net extensions, bloggers can make the most of this new option so as to upgrade to their very own, WordPress.com custom domain name.

It’s no secret that all WordPress domain mapping options are tagged at a few dollars every month for both, domain name and hosting. But then, the popular blogging site handles everything right from dealing with web servers to plain configurations. And one of the most asked features seemed to be the ability to use custom domains for WordPress.com blogs

Even Solomon for WordPress.com says in an official blog post, “As Sara mentioned a couple months ago, one of the most common questions we get is whether you can use your own domain for WordPress.com blogs. Incidentally, Add a Domain is our most popular upgrade, so we know you love customizing your digital address and we are always looking for ways to make it better and easier.”

Obviously, WordPress has taken care of that and instead of having to compromise by choosing just about any a .com name, users can now have .me incorporated to their WordPress blog. Yes, no adding numbers or vowel dropping also for that matter. Likely to suit almost every business need, there’s no end to the list of fancy domain names that appear as sentences and feature a .me extension.

Users can simply hit up the signup page on WordPress.com to begin upgrading to a .me domain if it’s a new site. Users who already have a WordPress-based website, and wish to add a .me domain, there are step-by-step instructions. Users will have to pay $2/month for this feature.

Not the domain mapping feature bloggers need right now? Well, let us know what the wishlist is for WordPress.com then.