+1 button on Google+ turns social, displays friend annotations

Google +1 Button

Following footsteps of Facebook’s Like feature, the +1 button on the latest networking website Google+ is going the social way. The button which first appeared in March this year on Google search now displays friend annotations.

According to Mashable, the +1 button of Google now has a new feature, that of showing details of friends and people who have +1’d a page or a post. List of users is displayed when one hovers over the button. Seems like Google is inspired from its current biggest rival Facebook, as this feature of +1 bears striking resemblances to the latter’s Like button.

“You may have already noticed faces and names when you hover over a +1 button. This change rolled out late last week. Now, you can make these recommendations even more visible to your users. Simply update the +1 button code, and an inline annotation will show next to the button,” Advocate Timothy Jordan, Google Developer, stated in a post on the Google+ Platform preview.

Additionally, Google has also released an update for the code of this button which will provide access to names and pictures of friends who +1’d the post. On activating this updated code, the button will be accompanied with an inline annotation.

By introducing new attributes for its social networking website, Google appears to be attracting stronger competition from Facebook. What needs to be seen is whether it can manage to shake the strong foothold that Facebook has created for itself.