Grace Digital Audio expands portfolio with SiriusXM Internet Radio

Grace Digital, SiriusXM Logo

Whether it’s a trip downtown or a lazy Saturday afternoon on the porch, music, sport commentaries or even a chat show across the airwaves can infuse vigor into mundane activities. Offering a range of content to radio enthusiasts, Grace Digital Audio has introduced the SiriusXM Internet Radio into their services. With the addition, XM users can now sign for the SiriusXM service to immerse in an engrossing acoustic world.

The new integration is said to bundle together the best of Sirius and XM into a single package, delivering an enriching experience. Crafted to extend a spectrum of entertaining content, the SiriusXM allows listeners to keep a tab on news, music, sport events, traffic and weather. It has been developed to render Oprah Radio and Howard Stern while also offering commercial-free music channels such as Grateful Dead, E Street Radio, Siriusly Sinatra and Elvis Radio.

“Starting today all XM customers can now sign up for SiriusXM service on all our radios,” remarked Grace Digital Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Fadul. “We are excited to open up our internet radios to the XM customers. The addition of SiriusXM to our line of services is just another reason Grace Digital radios are the most complete internet radios on the market.”

Sports aficionados who like to stay updated with latest scores and ongoing can tune their radio sets as the SiruisXM proffers comprehensive coverage of NHL, NBA, NFL, Nascar, MLB and even college sports. In addition, it streams headlines from BBC, CNN, NPR and CNBC at frequent intervals. Besides, the service’s comedy channels can offer a hearty laugh on a drive back home.

Users can purchase the assortment of Grace Digital Internet radios with SiriusXM by visiting the company’s official website. It has also been revealed that some select models can be picked from Ultimate Electronics, Best Buy, J&R Music, Sears and other retail outlets. The SiriusXM Internet service is now up for grabs at a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

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