Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 sports ambidextrous design for prolonged use

Logitech Gaming Mouse G300

Regardless of whether gamers are right-handed or left-handed, the ambidextrously sculpted Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 offers additional functionality with its nine customizable buttons. Besides transferring keyboard commands to it, players can target enemies for hours together with this ergonomic mouse.

The mouse comes with a built-in memory to store configurations of up to three gaming or player profiles eliminating hassles of going through settings time and again. Moreover, the peripheral remembers customized settings even when it is switched from one system to another. Also, a color can be assigned to each profile.

“The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 is perfect for PC gamers who want intelligent features that give them real benefits in-game. Whether you need more programmable buttons for your MMO, better precision for targeting enemies in an FPS, or a compact, comfortable shape to get you through hours of gameplay, we’ve got it covered,” quoted Chris Pate, senior product marketing manager for gaming at Logitech.

The thoughtfully carved out design of this gaming mouse offers ease of use in both hands for longer period of time. Assigning commands is a matter of seconds with the optional drag and drop software and its automatic game detection selects the profile created for the game. Additionally, this software can also be used with keyboards and headsets belonging to Logitech G-Series.

Players can expect consistent performance as the 2500 DPI optical sensor detects movements on most surfaces. The USB mouse promises as many as 1000 reports per second facilitating instant execution of commands. Further, each button of this durable mouse is rated up to 10 million clicks.

Scheduled to release in September in the U.S and Europe, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 carries a price tag of $39.99.