Google to do away with Google Buzz and other products

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Google has decided to shut shop on some of its services including Code Search, Google Buzz, Jaiku and more which were not as popular as the company wishes them to be. Also, the search engine giant has announced that some of its services will soon be turned into features of existing products, reveals the official Google blog.

Bradley Horowitz mentioned in the blog post that Google aims at building products which are used by people around two or three times a day and do away with those which are less useful. Code Search, a Google service developed to assist users with searching open source code will be shut down on January 15, 2012 along with the Code Search API.

Not many must be aware about Google Buzz, a prequel to the existing Google+ as the concentration will now be shifted on the latter social networking platform. Generating new posts on Buzz will not be possible anymore though users have an option to view content through their Google profiles and download it with the help of Google TakeOut. Needless to say, the Buzz API will also be shut down.

Another Google product that allowed users to share updates with friends is Jaiku and will also be scrapped on January 15, next year. Members will be able to export their content from it soon. Additionally, iGoogle social features will not be available starting January 15, although iGoogle and its non-social features will continue to exist. The University Research Program for Google Search too will shut down on the above mentioned date.

The Google Labs site has already been shut down, while the and are being replaced by Google Product Search.