Vimeo enhances its Couch Mode

Couch Mode On Vimeo

Enjoying Vimeo videos on big screen is set to be a more pyramided experience as the website has revealed its new and improved Couch Mode. This feature, which renders a special full-screen version of the website, was launched about ten months ago. Prior to this, it worked only on Safari and Chrome browsers, but the doors have been opened to all browsers now.

The Couch Mode can be best exploited by those who stream Vimeo content on their TVs and tablets. On TV screens, it can be controlled via a keyboard. Apart from blown-up HD videos, the service also lets users browse albums, channels and groups. Meant to make the feature more ‘context-aware,’ a Couch Mode button is to be found on every channel, group and video page of the service.

“We’ve been working hard to cram as much functionality as possible into Couch Mode so it’s the full Vimeo experience,” mentioned Ryan Hefner, a Vimeo employee, on the website’s blog. “As I mentioned, Couch Mode is designed to be a keyboard-only: navigate around with the arrow keys and hit escape at anytime to hide the overlays. Now everybody grab a cold one and kick back to Couch Mode!”

Another noteworthy feature is that, when users copy urls from Couch Mode and paste them anywhere, the shared link would lead to the same full-screen video. A competitor to YouTube’s Leanback mode, as some would say, the Couch Mode was launched in October last year and only recently was made available to tablet users.

We think Video enthusiasts will definitely welcome this new and improved Couch Mode on Vimeo.

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