Sifteo Cubes to debut this September

Sifteo Cubes

The Sifteo Cubes look like nothing but a new and impressive take on interactive play by the parent company. These 1.5-inch square blocks connect wirelessly to computers and sport full color LCD displays. Now available for pre-order in the US and Canada, the bundle includes three Sifteo cubes, a Sifteo Creativity Kit, a charging dock and a USB radio link for establishing connections with PC and Mac devices.

Quite a notable feature, the interface of these cubes is altered by shaking, tilting and rotating them and even placing them near one another. These cute-little gadgets are based on the company’s own concept of Intelligent Play which is touted to be an evolution of entertainment and learning. The Sifteo Creativity Kit which comes with the bundle can be used to customize gameplay experiences on the cubes by creating various mini-games.

Jeevan Kalanithi, Co-founder and CEO, Sifteo, explained, “Sifteo cubes are the first platform to deliver truly hands-on play, combining the latest in embedded computing and sensing technology with a timeless play style. We were inspired by great classic games such as Sudoku, Tetris and dominoes when we set out to create the next generation of enriching, innovative and fun games for everyone.”

Those who purchase these devices would be able to utilize them through an internet-connected computer. A USB wireless link ensures connectivity after which Sifteo’s desktop application can be used to buy and download games and apps from Sifteo’s store. A minimum range of 20 feet is under what the cubes can perform in normal conditions.

According to Sifteo, these cubes aid development of core thinking skills. This means that kiddos can sharpen their spatial reasoning, strategy and planning abilities, patterns and perception as well as their cooperation and collaboration skills. At launch, the company will also be offering a software development kit for game programmers and interface designers to make the most of these devices and share their creations through the Sifteo online store.

The Sifteo Cubes can now be pre-ordered as a part of the Sifteo Pack from the company’s website at a price of $149. Individual cubes cost $45 each. Will they or won’t they be the next big thing we don’t know but for now they do sound interesting to us.