Apple iCloud services introduced

Apple iCloud Services

There’s always been problem with keeping important information or content updated across the devices. Probably that’s why, Apple recently thought of an interesting, reliable way. The company has shed light on its new Apple iCloud, a set of free cloud services that function seamlessly with application on the user’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC.

The newly introduced services have been designed to wirelessly store users’ content in iCloud and automatically and wirelessly push it to all their devices. The former MobileMe services, comprising Contacts, Calendar and Mail, are entirely re-architected and re-written to work smoothly with iCould.

Through the stated inclusion, users can conveniently share calendars with family and amigos. The App Store and iBookstore now embed the capability to download purchased iOS apps and books to all users’ devices. Users can also glance over their purchase history and simply tap the iCloud icon in order to download apps and books to any iOS device (up to ten devices) without having to fork out anything additional.

Besides this, iCloud Backup automatically and securely backs up users’ devices to iCloud daily over Wi-Fi when they charge their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The innovately outlined Photo Stream service can further upload users’ photos, import on any of their devices and wirelessly push them to all their devices and computers.

Apple’s iCloud Storage stockpiles documents created using iCloud Storage APIs and automatically push them to the user’s devices. Lastly, the engaging iTunes in the Cloud enables users to download their previously purchased iTunes music to all their iOS devices at no additional cost.

The Apple iCloud beta and Cloud Storage APIs are now available to iOS and Mac Developer Program members through the company’s official site. The Apple iCloud, on the other hand, will be made available this fall. However, iTunes in the Cloud is available now in the US and requires iTunes 10.3 and iOS 4.3.3.